Mardi Gras Party Tent

Bud Light

Experience Outline

The Bud Light Mardi Gras Party Tent was forced to pause in 2021, but came out swinging in 2022. Wanting this party to be the biggest yet, we worked closely with Anheuser Busch to identify, research, and negotiate the appearance of a national headlining act. Ultimately, Timeflies, a pop-rap duo from Boston, Massachusetts was secured to perform. Timeflies provided an upbeat party atmosphere by playing their hits and freestyling about St. Louis’s favorite teams, people, and attractions.

Talent Research

Identifying talent and contacting the artist’s team to discuss availability, fees, and rider requirements.

Negotiating Performance Fee

Drafting an offer letter detailing compensation, accommodations, and client’s terms and conditions.

Managing Talent Onsite

Ensure the artist’s rider is met, run meet and greet, and settle with the artist’s tour manager after the performance.


What’s a Haitus?

After numerous rounds of brainstorming talent ideas, talking to agents, and soliciting feedback from the team, our friends at Anheuser Busch inquired about Timeflies. Being fans of Timeflies, we knew they were on hiatus and hadn’t played a show in a couple of years.

Money isn’t always the motivating factor to influence a comeback, so we knew we had to sell them on the amount of fun they will have in St. Louis and in the Bud Light Mardi Gras Party Tent.

What’s the Spark?

The Big Blue Point of View

We always enjoy a challenge, and when we were approached with Timeflies, we knew we had one on our hands. Oftentimes acts are on hiatus for a reason, so it’s a delicate balance of knowing when and if to approach. Luckily, Cal and Rob were eager to show St. Louis what they can do onstage… it all worked out.

Kevin Smith, Managing Partner


The Boys are Back

The Bud Light Mardi Gras Party Tent didn’t miss a beat — no pun intended!

It was a sellout that featured a high-octane, millennial-adored performance that had people singing, dancing, and left them wanting more from a group they all played on repeat years ago.

From the Client Team

What Our Partner Has to Say

Big Blue Spark is a first-class company. If you want to bring energy, excitement, and success to any event, this is the group to work with. The attention to detail, passion, and enthusiasm that they bring to any idea all the way through execution of the event is amazing.

Kyle L., Anheuser-Busch