Our Capabilities

Industry-Focused Events & Production

Corporate Events

Pushing Experience Boundaries, Adhering to Brand Guidelines

From Fortune-listed to freshly-minted, companies rely on Big Blue Spark for total corporate event management. With expectations and challenges defined, we take corporate events from a list of unknowns to the most memorable team experiences.

With a full-service approach, our team handles every aspect of event production including detailed planning, talent booking and transportation, audio-visual production, for a seamless event experience with active communication throughout the process.

Non-Profit Organizations

Mission-Driven Experiential Fundraising

Truly understanding your organization’s mission and vision requires more than an external team, but an injected empathic partner with the experience that covers all roles and checks all boxes. In a market so heavy in philanthropy, producing a unique and impactful event can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be.

The Big Blue Spark team combines compelling messaging, collaborative communication, and expert execution to produce non-profit events that resonate.

Social Events

Expertly Planned. Entirely Personal.

We produce social events that shine with your own personality and show professionalism throughout. Our production team takes a deep dive into who you are, your wildest experiential hopes and dreams, and draws up a plan that makes your day perfectly simple for you, while being all things extravagant, unique, and sometimes unimaginable.

Whether it is your dream wedding, an important cocktail event, or something you’re not sure you’ve ever heard of, we have a passion for working with individuals to make their event daydreams become a dream event day.

Brand Experiences

Captivated Audiences and Captivating Experiences

Product launches, awareness campaigns, traveling experiences and more, paint your brand and product as the hero of the day and top of mind for weeks and months to come. Truly engaging events pair your brand with analogous aspects, talent, and amazing elements that produce genuinely memorable connections.

Experiences are an investment which means that guidelines are rigid, execution is flawless, and awareness is critical. Produce a well-researched event or event series that builds strong relationships with the right people.

How it All Comes Together

Event Design & Production

No two events are alike. That’s why we collaborate with you to listen, understand your unique goals and challenges, and offer inspired plans to make you and your event shine.


Engage your audience and bring your space to life with an unforgettable production. From staging to scenery, to music and video projection, we have your event covered.


Developing an engaging story, creating visual content, and seamlessly delivering your message may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. We can help you engage your audience in a rapidly growing digital space.


Choosing the right entertainment for your event is integral to success. With relationships in top artist, singer, comedian, and acting agencies, we research, negotiate and secure a range of national and local talent.

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