Take Me Off Mute

University City Children’s Center

Experience Outline

University City Children’s Center held their hybrid event, Take Me Off Mute, that supported tuition assistance for their students. The event was emceed by Jeff Koziatek, featured lively entertainment by Red & Black Jazz Band, and from New York, Ryan Speedo Green spoke to the audience about the importance of educators in his life. All participants were provided a thoughtful card game delivered to their homes and a virtual Fund-A-Value.

Environmental Design

Virtual event scenic doesn’t have to be digital or stark. To create a warm and inclusive environment we used intentional, oversized signage and cozy furniture.

Hybrid Production

In-studio audiences add a new wrinkle to your virtual production. We worked closely with UCCC to ensure their donors were in for an engaging and safe evening in-studio.

Video Production

We often lean on pre-recorded video to break up talking head segments. Let’s be honest, the last thing you want is to be talked at on another virtual program.


Creating Energy for an In-Person & Virtual Audience

In a time where people are exhausted by the prospect of logging on to yet another virtual event, we had to find ways to infuse genuine energy and engagement into this hybrid event. We kept the energy pumping and everyone dancing with the Red & Black Jazz band (and a little help from Steve Z!). 

To keep the mission at the forefront we brought opera sensation, Ryan Speedo Green, to the screen from New York to talk about his experiences growing up and to answer live questions from the audience.

What’s the Spark?

The Big Blue Point of View

For me, what made this event so special was being encouraged to stretch our creative muscles and think big. Our partners at UCCC continuously strive for the imaginative– which is a creative’s dream come true! From a fake Zoom intro, to the most adorable clips of the kiddos sharing their unfiltered thoughts about life, to a funky virtual set with a live studio audience– it was an incredible experience

Kris Marino, Managing Partner


We’re… Off Mute!

The evening buzzed with positivity and joy. With Ryan Speedo Green taking the audience on his personal journey, the touching words from the award recipient, and the impactful message from UCCC’s leadership on current day and the future, guests left feeling inspired and wanting to dive deeper into the culture of UCCC.

From the Client Team

What Our Partner Has to Say

Thank you for thinking with us and being nimble enough to allow us to live in your truth. Your flexibility as this event morphed daily must have been challenging for you, but you continue to work to get in our puddle.

Steve Zwolak, Executive Director, University City Children’s Center